WooCommerce Official Shortcodes


Execute a PHP function in a form post


This explains how to add custom data to the cart. Maybe useful.


This is a plugin that allows an easy button to a WC item. Maybe use this in conjunction with dynamically creating WC products 


This explains how to dynamically add a WC product. Maybe set the SKU as the listing ID to keep things in order and synced.


These explain how to add products to the cart. Here’s a couple things that need to be done.



  • Before adding an item to the card, clear the cart first. Otherwise the cart will just build over time of they don’t complete the sale.
  • Add the service fee before the item being reserved. The serice fee is product # 3127

Test Buttons Go Here

Ad Reserve Yes/No = _get_post_meta($post_id, ‘_field_3062’, true);
Ad Stock Quantity = get_post_meta($post_id, ‘_field_3063’, true);
WC Stock Quantity = get_post_meta($wc_product_id, ‘_stock’, $stock, true);

This button will test this item
10oz jar of Tomato Sauce
post_id = 2354
wc_product_id = 3118

The WooCommerce SKU will match the ad post ID

The stock quantity will be set when an ad is created, when it’s edited and any time it’s reserved.


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