All Users Terms and Conditions

By using this site you agree to you the following terms and conditions, and agree that any reported violation may lead to your permanent inability to use Trader.Dog:

  1. All sellers agree that they will not and may not resell another person’s produce on this site. This site is only for selling produce and goods that you, the grower, the baker or home based maker produce. 
  2. All buyers and sellers on this site, assume the risk of their interactions with each other, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Trader.Dog for their use of this site.
  3. All sellers on this site agree to never use dangerous or carcinogenic chemicals on any of their plants or other production sites, and agree to indemnify and hold Trader.Dog harmless for their violation thereof.
  4. All users of this site must be of legal age in their state to engage in commerce, and agree not to attempt to use this site to sell any product which is illegal or otherwise not eligible for sale in the state where the transaction is taking place, or within the United States.
  5. All sellers agree that they may only sell items which are legal within their own state for sale (pursuant to that state’s produce and home production laws, i.e. “Cottage Laws”), and agree to indemnify and hold Trader.Dog harmless from any and all claims stemming from said sellers use of this site.
  6. All sellers on this site agree that upon Trader.Dog receiving negative feedback from any buyer on this site, that Trader.Dog may request a visual inspection of the production facilities. Sellers agree to comply with these requests and understand that Trader.Dog may suspend or terminate non-compliant seller accounts, at the Trader.Dog administration team’s sole discretion.
  7. All buyers and sellers of this site agree to hold Trader.Dog harmless from any claims relating to the consumption of any produce or items purchased from users of this site, because they agree that Trader.Dog is merely a match maker in any given transaction that does not and can not independently verify the quality of any items listed by users of this site.
  8. All users of this site agree not to use Trader.Dog intellectual property for their own profits, and agree that the use of our intellectual property without our permission causes irreparable injury to Trader.Dog. All web elements, features, styling, underlying intellectual property, and any other aspect of this site is solely the property of Trader.Dog.
  9. All users of this site agree to employ their best judgment and not act like total idiots. Dear God, just grow some safe fruits and veggies, and leave me (the lawyer) alone.


Trader.Dog is a site designed to connect you to growers, bakers and other home-based makers, and the products they produce. Trader.Dog IS NOT a grocer, and is not selling these items to you directly, and therefore is unable to and does not warrant the individual quality or suitability of the goods sold by its individual listers in each batch, and encourages you to use your judgment and discretion when purchasing produce. All growers, bakers and other home-based makers must agree to comply with our terms and conditions prior to listing. By using this site, you assume the risk of meeting with any individual listers that you come into contact with.